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This site is written by Porsche lovers about our personal experiences of owning and enjoying these cars and the world they give us access to. We write about the cars we own, the events we attend and everything else we see going in the Porsche world around us, with a bit of history thrown into the mix.

We have the following polices:-


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We try to use as many of our own photographs as possible but from time to time to complete a story we use photographs which appear to be in the public domain. If you are the author or rights holder of such a photograph and wish us to properly credit you and/or take your photo down please contact us and we will happily oblige.

All photographs appearing on this site should be assumed to be protected by copyright and not available for commercial exploitation without the consent of the rights holder.

Classified Ads.

Classified ads are placed by the car owners and we give no warranty as to any information provided in respect of any car for sale. Should you choose to purchase any car advertised here you do so entirely at your own risk and you are responsible for carrying out all proper pre purchase enquires. Remember never by a car you haven’t actually set eyes on.


We are sure, like us, you hate battling through pop-ups to try and read an article. We promise we won’t do that to you, if and when we do decided to work with advertisers you can be sure that they will be relevant to the world we love and presented tastefully and not obstructively.

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