Car of the Day-1989 930S “special wishes”

Car of the Day-1989 930S “special wishes”

This one through me a loop!

Today’s Car of the Day is a 1989 930 S Coupe.  The sales particulars on this car are still sparse so I have had to do some digging. You will recall that the Turbo S was the slant Nose variant of the 930 produced for the US market between 1987-89.

The obvious that jumps out about this car is that it is not a slant nose? The clues to the uniqueness of the car comes from what little important there is in the sales particulars which described the vehicles as an “extremely rare special wish” vehicle.

The Sonderwunschprogramm (or special wishes) allowed certain customers to customise a car to their own unique specification. The most famous car, and elusive few people have ever actually seen it, it a 930 S Cabriolet known as the Manhattan Car*

It would appear that in this instance a special wishes request has been for a non-slant nose 930S which it my knowledge would make the vehicle unique**

Described as being owned as a museum piece in Japan from new the vehicle is a recent import which shows 58,000 Kms and all of the books and tools.

The vehicle is estimated at $325-$400,000 and is for sale at the Gooding and Co sale at Pebble beach in August.  It is really difficult to provide a comparable for these vehicle given how unique it is. However, the 930S models can be found in our database under the designation 930 SE***

At the date of publication, the applicable exchange rates are $1=$0.7707 or €0.8597.

All photographs copyright Gooding & Co

*See Randy Leffingwell’s “the Complete Book of Porsche 911” at page 157 for further details of this car.

** If anyone has any other information on none slant Nose S cars I would be grateful to receive it.

***SE relates to the European designation of these cars and whilst the US and EU models were slightly different engine specifications we have sought to list all of the slant noses together.

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